In the last years, in the Romanian press, alongside political related   subjects and the E.U. integration problem highlighted the real estate market   in Romania, the rhythm in which investments are made in the real estate   area, the prices that grow and bypass all statistics made by any “experts”.

          It is true that Romania was, is and will be an atypical real estate market.   We attained before the EU integration prices which our neighbors had after   the integration although the real rhythm of investments in projects was lower   than in the other countries (the best example is the number of offices and   apartments on the market).
         Legal Partner proposes a practical approach to the real estate market, to what is offered and         what is demanded on it at the moment.

        Aside from real estate bids offered in exclusivity regime, Legal Partner Company offers
  complete services as regards a real estate investment, the development of a project.

        We are not a real estate agency like the other couple of hundreds in Bucharest. We don’t think       that a good real estate broker can advertise, at the same time, a 50.000 Euro one-room apartment     and a 1.500.000 Euro penthouse. We are talking about two different types of proprieties which are     addressed to totally different categories of clients; we are talking about two market segments that       cannot meet.

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