Juridical Consulting is in Romania an activity practiced on large        scale in many offices and companies, but juridical consulting like any other        activity must have certain specializations.

                    An expert in criminal or commercial law cannot offer professional        juridical advice to a client that wants to invest in real estate.
       Such as we cannot save you from a penal file or tax dodging “hearsay from        our friends”, nor can our colleagues or other companies help you only until        a certain point.

                  That’s why we believe that the specialization in real estate dealings of any kind, merged
       with experience and juridical knowledge, also the practice where the two elements are        complementary make Legal Partner a real associate of those who want a sure  and successful        investment, of those who want to broaden their business in an area that  extremely attractive,    
       effervescent and in vogue in Romania.

                  The only problem is to know when, where, how and how much.

                  That’s why we are here.
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